About Me

Creative professional in Branding, Visual and Interactive Design & Communications, and Strategic Marketing. Assists clients identify their marketing needs, create plans for delivering their message to target audiences and translate their ideas into visual media which meets objectives. Researcher that builds and maintains relationships with clients from various industries.

The creative side of me is only a portion of who I am. When I'm not busy working on a creative project, I can be found traveling with my wife and our son. I also have an incurable addiction to fly fishing. Due to our hot Georgia weather, my addiction is seasonal - usually lasting from fall to spring. When I'm not standing in the river waving my fly rod, I can often be found riding my road bike on the many group rides around Atlanta. As a member of Atlanta's largest and best cycling club, I'm fortunate to have many opportunities to stay connected to one of my favorite passions. I often share this passion on Instagram and Twitter

About this site

This site is designed to showcase some of my creative work and to share information, resources and inspiration with others who share similar passions and curiosity. While navigating this site, you will learn how I work, what inspires me, the books I read, the websites I visit and more. To learn more or connect with me, feel free to email me or call, 404.219.6187